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funeral service 


Losing our loved one is one of the most difficult things we can go through. Then it's good to be able to turn to people with knowledge and experience in funerals. We assist relatives in planning and provide personal service with respect as a guideline.

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How can we help you?

Hugsjón will do

Announcement of death, funeral and thanks to the media is requested.

Supervision of the funeral in consultation with the pastor / manager and relatives.

Contact the requested pastor / manager.

Goes home to relatives and discusses organization if requested.

Transport of a coffin ashore or abroad.

Carries the deceased to a funeral and burial site.

Hugsjón provides and assists in the selection of:

Hall for wake , guest book and candles on request.


Submitting memoirs and / or biographies.

Place and time for coffin-laying and funeral.


Hymnal and hymn selection on request.


Death certificate and cremation permit.

Urn if cremation takes place.

Coffin decoration or flag.


Coffin and shroud.


Burial in a cemetery.

Flowers and bouquets.

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Prices are for reference only and are subject to change. Relatives are informed of this as soon as possible.

White coffin                               145,000 - 180,000 ISK w / vat

Wooden coffin                           175,000 - 220,000 ISK w / vat

Urn box                                               9,000 - 29,000 ISK w / vat

Burial shroud                                       7,000 - 9,000 ISK w / vat

Funeral services                                75,000-160,000 ISK

Priest service funeral and burial                    27,011 ISK

Priest service coffin making                               8,311 ISK

Choir/solo                                            35.000 - 95.000 ISK *

Organist at the funeral                     30.760 - 45.703 ISK *

funeral sheet 100 pcs              35.000 - 50.000 ISK w/vat

Wreaths                                      35.000 - 45.000 ISK w/vat *

Coffin decoration                     25.000 - 35.000 ISK w/vat

Flowers on the altar                   8.000 - 15.000 ISK w/vat

Church custody                             6.000 - 9.000 ISK
Wooden cross on path and plate          24.600 ISK w/vat

Erfidrykkja                                                  verð breytileg

Organist for coffin-making                        22.844 ISK *

Organist for the ceremony                              22.844 ISK *

Burial and cremation are paid for by the cemeteries. Corpse transfer regions is a matter of agreement.

* according to FÍH

** according to usual size

Relatives should find out if the deceased has paid into a pension fund that participates in funeral expenses. If this has not been the case, but the deceased / deceased has been without ownership, relatives can request a funeral grant from the Welfare Department (Social Services) of the municipality in which the person in question was domiciled.

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About us

The funeral service Hugsjón was founded in March 2020 by the married couple Hugrún Sif Hallgrímsdóttir and Jón Ólafur Sigurjónsson.


Hugrún is a working church organist and principal of the Music School in A - Húnavatnssýsla, but Jón works for the Directorate of Labor and has worked as clergy. The idea of the company came to mind when we found out in our work with the church how much there was a need for funeral services in the area because the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult thing we go through and therefore it is important to be able to turn to professionals when planning a funeral.

Hugrún Sif Hallgrímsdóttir

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​Jón Ólafur Sigurjónsson

Hafa samband


Jón Ólafur - 868 2842 
Hugrún - 868 4925
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